Why Do Customer Focused General Contractors Have an Edge Over Larger Companies?

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Why Do Customer Focused General Contractors Have an Edge Over Larger Companies?

Customers in today’s construction environment are similar to those in most other industries, they want better service and a customized experience.  Too often when problems arise on a project the response from the general contractor is, “Hey, that’s just construction.” However, at Turnaround Solutions (TAS) we know that with proper planning and execution we can solve problems without excuses. Truly understanding our clients’ needs allows TAS to deliver a turnkey solution efficiently and cost effectively with exceptional levels of service.

Here are 3 key advantages of working with a customer focused general contractor:

A Personalized Turnkey Solution

One of the principal advantages of working with a customer focused general contractor like Turnaround Solutions is that we become a true partner with our clients.  We learn our clients’ needs, operating styles, strengths and weaknesses, all to deliver a personalized turnkey solution for their unique project.  Once the foundation is laid between TAS and our client then we can confidently say, “Just give us the keys and we will give you back a completely renovated unit.”

Direct Access to Senior, Experienced Team Members

Dealing with large general contractors can be impersonal and bureaucratic with slow reactions in a dynamic construction environment.  We understand that clients want fast responses, interaction with the core experienced members of a company, and the ability to adjust on the fly.  When dealing with TAS, our clients get to know the key members of our All-Star team and we answer all inquiries in a timely and respectful manner.

Flexibility and Customization

In addition to “high-touch” personal service, our size enables us to be more flexible.  We strive to make life easier for our clients to adjust and customize along the way of a project execution journey.  When clients want to adjust a proposal or make changes during a project, we can do it very quickly rather than going through multiple decision makers to get things approved.  Construction projects rarely proceed according to plan necessitating flexibility by both client and general contractor with clear communication between both parties.


Cultivating a forward-thinking culture and mentality has allowed Turnaround Solutions to deliver personal and specialized services in thousands of renovation projects in Southern California and nationwide.  From the start we create a partnership with our clients focused on accomplishing shared goals in the most effortless and effective way possible.

Are you or your company in need of a turnkey solution for value-add projects or even simply value engineering materials? Or better yet, are you looking for a trusted and experienced construction partner to grow with and to execute your future projects?

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