San Diego On A Mission To Meet State Housing Mandates

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May 27, 2020
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Just last month the San Diego City Council outlined plans to meet state mandated housing needs by 2029.  A goal of 108,000 new units requires tripling the most recent annual production of housing units.  If the city can continue to implement pro-building policies and approvals, developers should be lining up to meet the needs of a strong economic and demographic market like San Diego.

While politicians in San Diego and throughout California are eager to tackle the housing crisis the economics for developers are still the centerpiece to this story.  Rising construction, labor and material costs show no signs of abating.  With these hurdles in mind, local governments serious about housing growth should come armed with incentives to remove development constraints.

In the event developers experience an expansion of new building opportunities will there be a run on labor and materials to meet the demand?  Further cost increases will become a concern for developers underwriting new projects.  As a hedge, builders can take control of project costs early by partnering with TASORO.

TASORO is a multifamily focused building materials brand that partners with ground up developers to deliver superior quality interior finishes at reasonable costs.  As experts in the Southern California region we know the design styles that residents want, and we provide reliable finishes that deliver a great value to builders.

Developers that partner with TASORO will get a custom design package for their projects with all materials bundled by unit and delivered ready to be installed on time.  While we cannot do anything about the rising labor costs, entitlements and other construction costs, TASORO can help builders save money on interiors with a significant savings on our brand of complete interior finishes (like floors, moulding, counters, cabinets (custom and RTA), plumbing fixtures, etc.) and full service logistics expertise saving time and money.

If politicians and city officials can match their aggressive housing forecasts with action, TASORO is well positioned to meet the needs of developers, general contractors, architects and designers looking to deliver exceptional housing for all Californians.  We are motivated to be a part of the solution to the housing needs in Southern California by raising standards for building significant quality while lowering costs for developers.

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