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Turnaround Solutions Offering Repairs and Maintenance Services
March 30, 2020
Turnaround Solutions (TAS) Is Successfully Navigating Permit & Inspection Challenges in L.A.
May 22, 2020

Value Add Deals Require Precise Underwriting

Apartment investors pursuing value add strategies need a disciplined underwriting process to drive the highest return on their investment.  As the premier renovation expert in the Southern California multifamily space, include Turnaround Solutions (TAS) in your due diligence process prior to any acquisition. During this crucial period TAS can:

  • Accurately forecast a renovation budget and construction timeline.
  • Eliminate hidden problems and costs.
  • Clearly explain all necessary permitting.
  • Assist with market rent assumptions & yield analysis.

TAS helps investors navigate the entire project from the beginning, closely matching analytical underwriting with construction realities to:

  • Understand entire scope and timeline, including: design, permitting, and construction.
  • Properly understand funding requirements to avoid costly capital calls.
  • Maximize capitalization rate and return on investment.

The question always remains: what is the optimal budget for a renovation in order to maximize returns?

Our experience with hundreds of projects over the past decade enables TAS to assist your underwriting team with accurate assumptions for appropriate interior and common area upgrades needed to maximize investment returns while avoiding many of the expensive traps that come with unnecessary improvements.  We call this the “TAS Effect.”

Taking proforma renovation and stabilized rent expectations lightly can have a dramatic effect on the performance of the investment.  TAS gives owners and operators the complete picture so that they can have the right conversations with their debt and equity partners, quantifying all issues correctly before closing on the asset.

Accretive Renovations Begin Before The Acquisition Closes

As a one-stop shop for renovations, TAS can provide a complete bid for your project, lender and equity partners that includes interior, exterior, and landscaping improvements plus superior quality interior finish materials with Tasoro Products (  Let us walk the property with you and get involved early to position your investment for strong return on total cost through accretive renovations.  We guarantee that partnering with TAS during your due diligence will be another terrific investment!

Contact us to discuss your next acquisition.

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